Crystal Candle | Empowered
Crystal Candle | Empowered
Crystal Candle | Empowered

Crystal Candle | Empowered

em·​pow·​ered | \ im-ˈpau̇(-ə)rd
1. : having the knowledge, confidence, means, or ability to do things or make decisions for oneself

Scented in Lemon Verbena: Zesty lemon and floral verbena combine in this uplifting fragrance. Bright, lightly sweet notes of citrus and sugar bolster a heart of lemon verbena and lemongrass.

The main focus is : Power and Identity

Decorated in Tigers Eye and Chrysanthemum

Tiger Eye can help to heal plenty of various relationships. Not only can it aid in positively overcoming low confidence to strengthen relationships with the self, but it can lend a hand when it comes to tricky emotional ties to finances and money. For those who struggle with self-worth and who roll up money woes in that, Tiger’s Eye works to unravel these limiting beliefs and to clear away toxic energy around the things in life that often serve to keeping people feeling secure.

Stimulating Citrine is an energizing yellow stone that carries the power of the sun. Citrine does not hold negative energy, and never needs cleansing. It dispels anger and cleanses the aura. It energizes, increases motivation, and heightens self-esteem, personal power, and creativity. It brings happiness and generosity, promotes inner calm, and balances yin yang energy. Citrine may enhance concentration, and is excellent for overcoming depression, fears and phobias. It is a good stone to use for manifesting your desires and creating optimism.

In the Chinese culture, the chrysanthemum signifies a life of ease. Buddhists are fond of using this flower as offerings on alters. Symbolic of powerful Yang energy, this flower is an attractant of good luck in the home.

100% soy wax, cotton wick, glass jar, non-toxic fragrance with essential oils.